Questions & Answers Regarding Septic System Issues

With a combined 55 years of experience in the septic system service and repair field, we have the knowledge and integrity to handle all of your septic system repair and maintenance needs.
  • Site evaluations: If you are having a septic system issue we will visit the property to provide the owner with repair recommendations free of charge. We will evaluate the site, research all available files with the Environmental Health Department and provide you with a comprehensive plan.
  • Upon bid acceptance we provide a detailed site plan, and assist in filing for the septic repair permit application. We hand deliver the permit application to the Environmental Health Department and coordinate meetings with inspector(s) from the beginning to the end of the project.
  • We specialize in all types of septic systems; leach field repairs, leach field replacements, septic tank repairs, water tight access riser installation, septic tank replacement complete gravity systems, pump up systems, pressure dosed systems and enhanced/ treatment systems. We are the approved Advantex and MicroSep Tec enhanced treatment system installers in Santa Cruz County. We are also the approved Roth and Orenco septic tank installers for Santa Cruz County.
  • Commercial grease trap installers, commercial waste water treatment repairs and replacement and Commercial enhanced system installers.
After a thorough diagnosis and after all repair options have been exhausted the next step is for the contractor to discuss the types of septic systems that would be recommended for your property. There are many types of septic systems from standard gravity systems to pump up systems to enhanced treatment systems. Each site has it’s own set of challenges from accessibility for heavy equipment to the type of soil that is present. Septic system installers have a tremendous amount of information available to them through the local environmental health department, this information must be used to determine the best type septic system for your properties unique features.
Questions to ask your contractor:
  • What type of leach field would work best on my property based on what you have discovered from your research?
  • What type and how large of a septic tank does my property require?
  • Why are you choosing to place the septic tank or leach field in the location you have proposed?
  • How many square feet of leach field does my home require?
  • I may some day expand my home, does it make sense to address that possibility now?
  • Does the placement of the proposed system affect future building sites such as additions, driveways, outbuildings, etc.?
Make sure the contractor is using the space for a new leach field/septic system for the benefit of the property and not the easiest place for the installation. Your contractor should assist you in filling out the septic system repair permit application. Your contractor will provide a septic system site plan of the proposed type of system to be used and the placement of the components. Included within the site plan must be setbacks from property lines, wells, dwellings and slopes. The project will require a permit fee based on the type of system being proposed. Enhanced/treatment systems have special requirements, such as an approved system designer providing detailed plans for the installation as well as additional permits and permit fees.
Your septic system installer should provide you with a well thought out and detailed plan for the system installation. He/ She should use the best materials available during the installation and provide you with a thorough walk-through of the system before and after the installation. Your contractor should advise you as to how to care for your new septic system in writing and stand behind his/her work.