No one thinks of their homes Septic system until odors are noticed, a toilet won’t flush or a shower backs up. The worry and embarrassment when company is over, is something going to happen tonight? As a home owner one of our biggest fears is the unknown, a homes Septic system is over 95% below ground. It takes a highly qualified technician to properly diagnose the cause of a Septic system failure. More importantly, it takes years of knowledge to translate that diagnosis to a repair that applies to your homes unique situation.
At Browns Underground our combined 55 years of dedication to the Septic system service and repair industry sets us apart.
We were born and raised in Santa Cruz County, we know this area and it’s unique challenges. We know how stressful a septic system failure can be, how it can impact the quality of life in your home. Our team is dedicated to providing you with highly skilled, competent and caring professionals in your time of need.


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